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Latest news from the semiconductor market

January 22, 2013

ROHM Semiconductor has developed what the company claims is the smallest transistor package on the market optimized for thin, compact portable devices. The VML0806 measures 0.8 mm × 0.6 mm, with a height of 0.36 mm and will have applications in portable devices such smart-phones and digital cameras.

International Rectifier, previously a supplier of insulated-gate bipolar transistors for home appliances, is targeting industrial motor drives with its new Gen 8 line of IGBTs, this article notes. The company is making the Gen 8 devices on silicon wafers 140 microns thick to make their heat dissipation more efficient.

Bosch Sensortec has transferred its portfolio of high-precision automotive MEMS expertise to craft mass-market versions for consumer devices, the latest of which is the world’s smallest barometric sensor.

Bosch claims its 2-by-2.5-by-.95 millimeter package (right) has a 65 percent smaller footprint than the last generation.

NxGEN Electronics Inc, received in late 2012 a high-volume production order from Nitronex Corporation for automated assembly services in support of Nitronex’s industry-leading Gallium Nitride (GaN) RF Power Amplifier devices. The production services will be performed at NxGEN’s San Diego facility. NxGen is a specialist Packaging and assembly house, specialising in RF, CPV, Photonics and other low to medium volume Metal can and PCB packaging.

JDSU, the California-based optical components manufacturer and CPV cell record holder, has decided to discontinue its CPV efforts. Last year JDSU acquired product design, patented intellectual property and other assets from QuantaSol, a concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) provider based in the UK. At the time of the deal JDSU said it would leverage multiple quantum well (MQW) technology from QuantaSol for its CPV cell product platform.

X-FAB Silicon Foundries has increased its share in the German-based MEMS Foundry Itzehoe GmbH (MFI) from 25.5 percent to 51 percent, becoming the majority shareholder, and also renamed MFI as X-FAB MEMS Foundry Itzehoe.

Provided by A Longford – PandA Europe

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