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£5m TSB Aerospace competition

February 1, 2013

The Technology Strategy Board Announces

£5m Aerospace competition

Highly Innovative Technology Enablers In Aerospace 2

£5m in collaborative research and development that encourages innovation solutions to some of the higher-risk challenges facing the UK aerospace industry.

Themes for investment include:
– Electronics for increasingly harsh environments in future aircraft designs
– Highly efficient and reliable electrical actuation
– Advanced power generation and distribution for greener aircraft
– Reduced size, weight and increased efficiency of airborne power electronics
– Optimising electromagnetic capability/electromagnetic interference robustness of aircraft systems and equipment
– Alternative power sources on future engines
– Wireless communication technology for avionics
– Advanced health management and intelligent systems
– Approaches to reducing scheduled maintenance
– New concepts for complex integrated structural components
– Unconventional approaches to multifunctional/multimaterial components for aerospace
– Near-net and net-shape manufacturing processes for advanced metallic materials
– Advanced aerostructures maintenance and repair technologies


Competiton opens: 30 JANUARY 2013

Technology Strategy Board webinar briefing: 07 FEBRUARY 2013

AAD KTN HITEA 2 Networking event: 11 FEBRUARY 2013

Registration DEADLINE: NOON 06 MARCH 2013

Expressions of interest DEADLINE: NOON 13 MARCH 2013

The second stage for invited applicants opens: 08 APRIL 2013

Proposal submission DEADLINE: NOON 15 MAY 2013


>> Click here to access the briefing document.

>> Click here to register for the AAD KTN HITEA 2 Consortia Building Session.

>> Click here to register for the briefing webinar.

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