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Shape the next generation of UK engineers

April 17, 2013

Tim Bodley-Scott, from UCL, posted the following two statements yesterday on LinkedIn:

  • Did you know 36.8% of all non fabrication electronics design in Europe still takes place in the UK, and Germany is next with 8%, according to
  • According to EngineeringUK’s latest report the UK currently produces 46,000 engineering graduates each year, even though there is demand for 69,000.

His first statement is positive and probably unsurprising to anyone who attended our recent Microtech event during which we held a session to discuss the state of the electronics manufacturing sector in the UK.

What, however, does the second suggests?

Is the sector shrinking? Are we already relying on engineers trained abroad?  Has the engineering career lost its appeal in the UK or are the universities and government policies somehow responsible for this shortfall in graduates?  Are you satisfied with the mix of practical and theoretical knowledge of the engineers currently coming out of our UK universities?  Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the curriculum so that the students offering is better matched to the industry’s needs?

Why not join the discussion on LinkedIn (you may need to register to see this group’s content), leave a comment here on our blog, or fill this brief survey (posted by the IBME at UCL)?


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