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UKEA quarterly survey results

June 9, 2013

The results of the quarterly UKEA survey are now available.  There were 132 respondants this quarter, up from 96 in January.
Confidence in the market in which you operate (next vs last quarter): ~50 said about the same, down from 60 in the January 13 survey.  About 35 respondants said their confidence had increased, up by 10 from the last survey.
Confidence next year vs last year: 40 “About the same”, and slightly more for “Increased”, both up from the last survey.  A small number selected “Increased significantly” up from 0 at the last survey, but still lower than the number who selected “diminished”.
Specific comments though stress the absence of visible growth, and marginal improvements in the economic climate.
This is confirmed by the 2nd question, on current orders or projects in hand based on volume.  Despite a majority (65) rating this as expected, there was an increase of 10 from the last quarter in “worse than expected”, up to 30) and an equivalent decrease in better than expected down to 10.
Selling prices generally expected to stay the same next quarter. For labour and material costs, the majority expects that they will stay the same, though about 30 respondants expect an increase.
No clear trend in R&D expenditure compared with 12 months ago: 45 “the same”, 25 “higher” and 20 “lower”.  When asked aout R&D prediction in a year, the same number of votes for “higher” but 55 say “the same” and consequently less tyhan 10 say “lower”.
A similar picture for the number of employees, staying generally the same, with more respondants reporting an increase than a decrease, and, again, better expectations for next quarter.
In terms of orders/contracts growth prospects, respondants were mostly concerned with customers deffering orders/projects and with the political or economical climate.
Finally, we note that the availability of skilled staff and credit and finance are increasingly being reported as an issue.

The next survey will run in July, and will be advertised on this blog.


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