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Circit: thick and thin-film technologies

October 18, 2013

IMAPS-UK held a one day thick and thin film technologies event yesterday in the impressive Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry.

The event was highly successful, with presentations by:

  • Peter Collier, from the MTC, on the high value manufacturing project that was the origin of the MTC
  • Vincent Barlier, from Plastic Logic, a spin-off from Cambridge University, on flexible PCBs
  • Yves Lacrotte, from Renishaw, on LTCC technology
  • Paul Hurtado, from ESL, on the high temperature polymer based thick-film systems the company developed for LED lighting applications
  • Vlad Stelko from Du Pont, on thermal management materials
  • Bob Hunt, from API, on high-temperature operating electronics
  • Stefan Flick, from Heraeus, on thick-film for power applications
  • Anne Vanhoestenberghe, from the Implantable Devices Group at UCL, on the use of HTCC and thick-film printing in active medical implants manufacture
  • Kelvin Williams, from Kingston University, on thin and thick-film microwave filters

See our website for a more detailed summary of the event and for details of all our up coming activities.


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