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Power electronics: call for proposals for feasibility studies.

February 20, 2014

The EPSRC National Centre for Power Electronics is pleased to announce a call for proposals for Feasibility Studies.

The Centre is seeking proposals from eligible UK academics to launch a number of research projects that align or deliver to the Centre’s vision:

The Centre will be the UK’s internationally recognised provider of world-leading, underpinning power electronics research, combining the UK’s best academic talent. It will focus on sustaining and growing power electronics in the UK by delivering transformative and exploitable new technologies, highly skilled people and by providing long-term strategic value to the UK power electronics industry.

The Centre addresses the needs and challenges of the UK power electronics sector and has received funding over six years from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to support research across the UK academic community. The Centre shall prioritise a number of projects to commence later this year by means of this single-stage managed call. The total funding available in this call is £350k. Awards will be for a maximum duration of 12 months with an anticipated project value of not more than £70k.

Scope of this call

This call is open to researchers at eligible institutions who are NOT in receipt of funding from one of the Centre’s core research theme grants. Researchers based at institutions in receipt of this funding but who are not directly associated with the grant are eligible. The aim of the call is to provide funding for short-term projects in strategically important areas that are not currently part of the Centre’s portfolio.

It is essential that any proposed research project will:

• Deliver to the vision of the Centre in supporting innovation in the UK power electronics sector

• Align with the Centre’s research themes

• Avoid duplication of research already funded by the EPSRC and the Centre

• Demonstrate how the Centre funding will be used to generate proposals for follow-on funding or exploitation

Proposals that address the following priority research areas will be particularly welcome:

• Future trends in materials for power electronics (excluding semiconductors)

• Manufacturing processes for power electronics (with an emphasis on cost reduction and automated manufacture)

• Manufacturing business processes (e.g. sustainable manufacturing, cost management, supply chain management, life cycle analysis)

• Future trends in dielectric materials for capacitors (especially life/reliability at temperature extremes)

• Future trends in magnetic materials for high frequency applications

• Design tools and modelling

• Operational management and control

• Structural and functional integration

Potential applicants are strongly recommended to review the current portfolio of research available on the Centre website and discuss any potential proposal with the relevant Theme Leader(s) or Topic Champion(s). Full contact details can be found on the web site:

The total funding available in this call is £350k. Awards will be for a maximum duration of 12 months with an anticipated project value of not more than £70k.

The final deadline for submission of full proposals by email is 3pm on Thursday 10th April 2014.

Call documents can be accessed from

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