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2015 Top Technologies in Microelectronics (Technical Insights)

August 1, 2015

Key technological trends and advancements in the microelectronics cluster that are likely to have high impact in the near-term and medium-term are covered in this research service. The microelectronics industry is constantly driven by the need for highly efficient, high performance, low power, small footprint, and low cost devices. The major technological trends are evaluated based on a set of criteria and some of these include technology significance, megatrends impact, patent trends, breath of applications/industries impacted, global footprint, funding trends, innovation ecosystem, strategic alliance and partnership trends, factors influencing adoption, market potential, future outlook and growth opportunities. Key technologies include: flexible electronics, wearable electronics, smart lighting, near-field communication, wireless charging, brain-computer interface, transparent display, smart haptics and touch, solid-state lighting and encapsulation technology.

Provided by Andy Longford from Panda Europe.

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